Saturday, May 12, 2012

Maurice play test some action

Played first few 'rounds' of game and so far so good.
The interaction of phases/rounds/card play/streamlined mechanics makes for a very fun game full of decisions and events (even solo).
The costs in command values to activate formations leads one to adopt fairly simple plan and not have units swanning off on their own.
Use of cards for activation generally means you lose their action or event possibilities (some of which are very desirable and/or intriguing).
Thus far I have done Volleys, Charges, Marches, Bombardments but no Pass 'actions' (a Pass allows you to draw in 3 cards the other actions 0-2 draws depending on type).
Playing solo  removes the tension I suspect will be present in good measure when one does not know content of opponent hand.
Played some cards for the 'Special Actions' and a couple of pure 'Event' cards including one by Austrians entitled 'Thats not on the map' which allows you to place a small piece of marsh or rocky ground anywhere (except on troops or other terrain) this allowed me to thwart a potential charge by French horse (the card whilst potent can be removed from deck for duration by either player - which French promptly did).
Nice card for French was 'Co-ordinated Movement' which allowed 2 formations to activate for March or Rally actions on play of this card if both within 12 base-widths (ie 40mm in my game) of CiC.
Several cards are interrupt or modifying types that can thwart any enemy action or adjust a dice roll.
I have not used Notables (character type sub-commanders) or Towns in my game just to keep things simpler but these do not seem onerous to use.

Have only skimmed the 'Succession Wars' campaign rules but again these look fine, essentially a set of battles (no real strategic/political type stuff) for multiples of 2 players and looks tailor made for 'Imagi-nations' players. There are 3 historical scenarios in book (Brandywine, Fontenoy & Kolin) and set of notes on how to make such scenarios. All in all quite impressed and will give them another run out on Thursday against Stephen if he is willing (he has set)

French Inf charge in using 2 Cards (1 a Nationality trait allowing re-rolls of combat dice the other an 'ignore Disruptions during combat' card) but the Austrians responded with a nasty 'Hold The Line' card which gives defenders +2 to dice rolls. Click on photo for better look at cards)

French columns try to flank enemy line but a single unit 'Force' of Cavalry moves to block them 
(but the move was rather costly in command values )

French horse find way to end of enemy line 'suddenly' blocked by an unseen patch of marsh 

Managed to buy this on EBay this evening too.
But I strongly fear for my well being if I do not manage to intercept this before certain prying eyes observe it !!!!!!

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