Sunday, May 13, 2012

Maurice a wee bit more

Played through another few phases of Maurice today.
Several volley phases conducted and Charges to see how these worked.
Potentially rather bloody/decisive is the answer.
In firing a 4 base unit rolls 2D6 per base needing a basic 4+ to hit (some modifiers plus possible card effects) any hits are then rolled again to cause Disruptions on target (based on unit quality with 3+ fr Conscripts, 4+ for Trained and 5+ for Elites).
If rolling for both is high then possible to blow a unit away in one swoop (Regular units are broken upon 5th Disruption), or conversely low rolls mean few hits/disruptions.
Generally I found 1-2 hits an average so after 3-4 rounds a unit most likely broken if not rallied.
One can use a Rally action to try to roll off Disruptions.
Charging is an action (at least half a formation must get into contact but rest can move up in support) and fairly simple to resolve.
Any contact is a melee and units within 1BW can sometimes be included if to your front. This can lead to outnumbering modifiers for either side.
Several cards can modify Combat, I used 'Grenadiers Forward' for an Austrian charge which gave any friendly Infantry a +2.
Each unit on a side calculates their Combat Value which is sum of modifiers plus basic value (4-8 depending unit Class/Type) plus 1D6 roll, which is noted (by use of dice) beside each unit (bit like Shako system).
Defenders check outcome first which are based on 'equal or more', 'less but not doubled' and 'doubled' type outcomes each of which generate 1-2 Disruptions or an auto-break.
The attacker then does same but on equals take 2 rather than 1 Disruption.
If units still in contact  an attacker must Fall Back 1BW and one needs to be careful that supports not too close as interpenetration in rules cause Disruptions on units.
If a unit is broken it is removed and a D6 rolled to see how many Army Morale points are lost, ranging  from 1-3 for loss of Regulars with Artillery possibly costing no morale loss.
One note re Irregular type troops is that they do not contribute to Army Morale level (unless Feudal type army ie Ottomans) but do count against Morale losses if broken, so whilst cheap and cheerful they can be liability.
All in all rather impressed with system, abstract in many ways yes but playable, quick and fun with more period flavour than is at first apparent.
Very much of similar complexity/scope to Field Of Battle, Die Fighting or Might and Reason rules.

Looking forward to trying out my SYW Russians against Stephens Prussian ubermensch on Thursday.

Struggle for the hill with both forces showing gaps in lines after volleying and charging

Cavalry melee which saw both sides lose a unit

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