Thursday, May 03, 2012

NPWS Vassal game 1704 turn completed

Finished 1704 turn of this intriquing Vassal encounter with Norman. Not a good year for the Allies with 2 unsuccessful sieges at Ostend and Antwerp, Marlborough failing to Bypass Fortification lines at Namur and Eugene defeated by Vendomme ! Bourbon fortunes on the up and up though as they successfully besiege Freiburg and Innsbruck (to Eugenes rear) whilst building up forces elsewhere and Boufflers marching into Spain. The Toulon fleet was launched and defeated the Allied fleet to gain temporary control of Mediterranean so overall a net gain of 4VP for the Bourbon cause.
Going to have to go all out next year with the Duke and dent Bourbons somewhere or the Allied cause might not recover...............
Great game this.

Flanders near end of year


Years end

Three blog entries in one evening !!!!
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