Friday, May 11, 2012

World At War: Blood And Bridges board wargame

Postman got another hug after just delivering this and on my day off too !
Game by Lock N Load and system is forerunner to the White Star Rising game I have been enjoying, but set in General Sir John Hackett style 1985 version of hypothetical World War III.
Several games and expansions in series but this is a stand alone game and the inclusion of BAOR forces hooked me (not hard to do of course).
Nice board of similar mounted quality to WSR although in one large folding piece.
Counters similar colourful style although tad thinner and smaller.

Thankfully being off and the better half being out my secret safe at present or else it would be 'Blood and Pain' in excessive amounts I fear after recent spendathon..............................

In action on my table

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