Thursday, August 08, 2013

Die Kriegskunst Seven Years War game

Played a Seven Years War miniatures game today at Stephens as we tried out the 'Die Kriegskunst' (need to be careful how one pronounces that !!) rules from the 'Gen De Brigade' stable of rules.
I fielded my Russians in 3 Infantry Brigades 2 Cavalry Brigades and a Grenadier Brigade with a mixture of Average and Poltroon type Brigadiers. Stephen used his Prussians which were smaller but which have several key advantages in the rules such as better Order changing, ability to move and fire and suchlike.
We used the nominal points system included in the rules with 1600pts apiece.
We also used the basic Terrain Generation which seemed to work fine.
Rules are quite decent with nice Orders system and straight forward Movement, Shooting, Melee and Morale methods.
But we did find that the rules are not very tightly written with several differences between rules and playsheets and even between similar rules (nothing major or insurmountable but tad annoying).
A lack of definition by the authors of several concepts left use 'house ruling' a few things. For instance units get a +1 Morale boost for 'Supported Flanks' if units within 6cm (using 15mmscales) but nowhere is this clearly defined or illustrated as to just where units are required to be to provide such support.
Biggest beef we had was the ability of Cavalry to shoot not so much the concept (as they did mostly use Carbines) but the fact that other than reduced range they are pretty much the equivalent of a unit of Musketeers !! we cut available factors, cut the number of figures firing in half and other tweaks but in the end just binned the ability altogetheras a much simpler solution .
Despite the foregoing we did enjoy the rulesbut maybe not just enough to make it our default/go to set for the period.
At least another couple of plays required methinks.

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