Sunday, August 18, 2013

Field Of Glory: Napoleonics game 1814 Prussians vs French

Napoleonic game today at mine with Stephen.
We himmed and haad over what to play and what rules to try eventually going with FOGN. My Prussians version 1814 were pitted against their French counterparts.
Both sides had 3 Divisions.
I had 9 Infantry units 5 Cavalry and 2 Medium Gun Batteries with several attachments of Rifle Skirmishers, Cavalry and Howitzers with a mix of Line and Landwehr.
French had 2 Cavalry and I think 10 Infantry units (a mix of Conscripts, Line and Vets) with 3 Artillery Batteries one of which was large lead by its own Officer (ie a Brigadier and very useful)
Terrain turned out quite plentiful and indeed plausible for France.
A really good game with plenty of action.
I had one glorious charge with a Hussar unit running over a wavering (due to Cohesion tests after couple bombards from two medium batteries) French unit which tried to form square on hill. Its destruction caused mayhem (ie failed cohesion tests) in surrounding units.
However we both learnt today that Cavalry are largely 'one shot' weapons as they end up permanently spent after melee.
As per last game of FOGN we both felt they work well at the scale they represent (nominally 'Regimental' but really Brigade/Demi-Brigade) with a nice feeling of handling a multi-divisional Corps.
Enjoyable stuff despite the rulebook being a chore to find relevant rules readily (the index is next to useless)

Medley (?) of pics

Oh and this interesting little set of variant rules arrived in midst of the fray with which I hope to resurreuct my Squad Leader/ASL stuff


  1. Not commenting on the Napoleonics, but the last picture of Retro. I got a copy of this a few years ago to also get back into SL-type games (I used to play SL a lot and I have a lot of ASL stuff). I have a friend that was a heavy ASL user and he has been keen to play as well. I have heard nothing bad about Retro. But my friend and I just cannot seem to organise a time to play! I have even looked over a couple of scenarios to test them out (from On All Fronts). I hope you have better luck than me at getting in a game! It is getting closer with me though - 2014 is looking like a winner for my friend and I to finally work out times.

  2. Reviews of Retro attracted me too it and it certainly reads well but proof of pudding of course in playing