Monday, August 05, 2013

Combat Commander: Fall Of The West four scenarios tried

Had a session of Combat Commander (first in awhile) at my Dads using scenarios from the latest Battlepack 'Fall Of The West'.
Don't recall the scn titles but three had British vs Germans and one French vs Huns. Only one used new 'AFV' rules in the form of a Bren Carrier (represented by a moving foxhole, a Leader and an HMG).
As always four great games with usual drama, excitement and uncertainity in spades.
We had forgotten just how engrossing and sheer fun this game system is !!

A selection of pic from the games (as I cant remember which scn is which and think I missed taking pics from a couple entirely-----old age is a bitch !)

We had so much fun I decided to order the Pacific version !!


  1. Anonymous8:37 pm

    Hi Gary, I do like the early war battles and was thinking of picking this one up myself - definitely will now. Pacific gets really good reviews, but I will never get around to playing what I have in Europe & Med so I've passed on it - so far :-)

  2. Was enticed by thought of 'No Surrender' rules for Japanese :-)