Saturday, October 12, 2013

Field Of Glory Rennaisance again

Another game of FOGR today at Stephens. As ever I used my Early Catholic Imperialists this time with Later Tercio infantry.
Stephen used Later ECW Royalist (Prince Ruperts lot).
Not strictly historical but fairly close to contemporary.
A really excellent and close game with us both losing 3 units apiece as we had to call time (although I had 2 more Fragmented).
I had 3 Currassiers units (one of which was Elite) that died to a man yet again this time being overwhelmed by superior numbers of Determined Horse.
Stephen advised that there is an ongoing debate on FOG forums regarding over relative merits and points costs of these Mounted types - Determined Horse maybe a bit costly vis Currasier, driven it seems by competition circuit (yawn).
As I think the rules work best between historical counterparts I dont find it much of an issue especially as in the system the minor points changes being discussed make little or no difference.
Interesting to see if this changes points or rules in some fashion ? 
However couple of my Tercios managed to overwhelm oppossing foot  and my Dragoons and Light Croats done sterling service on my right taking out enemy Dragoons and a Horse unit.
My Tratischer (Sword and buckler type) were well engaged for once. T
hey were broken without loss by shooting by I mamaged to Rally them back and then had to launch them into enemy Horse unit to delay him (end up Fragmented and in real danger though).
Super stuff yet again with a good set of rules.

Early deployments and moves

Much later as both left wings (and several units) are in process of disintergrating

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