Friday, October 18, 2013

Combat Commander, two more scenarios played and one foopah

Played more Combat Commander at my Dads last night.
Two excellent scenarios played one from Mediterranean  set and other from Fall Of The West. Honours even this time as my Brits failed miserably with Hun defences at Gooch in 1945 but French made short work of Huns at Entage Farm (taking out a PzIII).
Once more lots of narrative and events in these games that make gaming time fly and be so exciting and fun.
We then played a decider which had Frogs again this time with Armoured support taking on Huns.
The game seemed extremely one-sided as the French tanks just ran riot and exited for double VP points willy nilly.
But we discovered at last gasp why this was so.
We had forgotten that the tanks cannot cross Gully hexes which should have restricted them to two roads through wooded areas !! this meant the tanks had far too easy a time avoiding the Huns without risk.
We will replay this once next time although I do still think its a toughie for the Germans.

My Brits help up on the wire

French stem German advance

Foopah apparent with two French tanks in area they shoul not have reached (top left)

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