Monday, April 28, 2014

Combat Commander: Europe first couple games in a while

Played two scenarios from the Paratrooper Battle Pack for Combat Commander: Europe at my Dads last night. Both played on same map but two very different games ala Combat Commander.
First scenario had Peipers column trying to escape of foot across American lines during the Bulge battle.
This one went fairly easily to the American Para force opposing Peipers SS troops as they wracked VPs for killing the Krauts who failed to get forward.
Second scenario was set in early 1945 also in Ardennes area with US Paras attacking German Infantry in a snow blizzard.
This one was a very close run affair with everything hinging on a single building objective that was worth some 20+ points overall.
My Paras invested the building killing all but one leader whom they simply could not get rid of and I could not get a single advance card to enter into melee with this stubborn sod.
Time trigger saw US get lucky missing a couple of Sudden Death game ending rolls. However in a twist of fate that CC can produce a Blaze Event was drawn by The German and guess which hex it ended in ? Yup the bloody victory hex over which Paras had expended so much effort !!!
This pretty much ended their chances and low and behold the next Time Trigger appeared in short order ending game in German win.
Exciting stuff and a reminder of how enjoyable this game is.

Peipers boys failing to escape

And the US Airbourne advance towards the key objective (on left)

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