Monday, April 21, 2014

Breakout Normandy again.............and some more acquisitions

Another game of the excellent Breakout Normandy from Avalon Hill (RIP) against my Dad.
And another win for my British and US forces.
We realised that we had done Bombardments incorrectly last time as we were adding the defence factor of units instead of just the Terrain modifier. Whilst Bombardments cannot actually eliminate any units they can certainly suppress them (ie in game terms force them from Fresh status to Spent or Disrupted keeping them out of action) with the Naval Task Forces being very good at this against German units at or near the coast.
As per last game the British landings were successful overall as was Utah but poor old Omaha suffered once again.
However Omaha recovered better overall this game and I took the key Carentan area and once again cut-off the Cotentin Peninsula.
I got lucky taking Caen early with its 4 Victory Points, a set-back from which the Germans never recovered as I filled it with troops.
We must try the longer extended game as I think the Germans may fare better in the long game.
Great stuff once again.

And some EBay and new purchases (over past few months I hasten to add !)

And a couple of Miniatures rule sets

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