Tuesday, April 15, 2014

WWII Barbarossa To Berlin: Grandson vs Grandfather

My lad (with a little initial help from me) played my Dad at WWII Barbarossa To Berlin and seemed to have a good time with probably 'heaviest' Wargame he has tried thus far.
Plenty of moments of me having to bite my tongue as they both missed opportunities to put a lot of hurt on each other !
But a real slug-fest ensued as Steven counterattacked a lot even when not most judicious choice and launched both Sledgehammer and Shingle invasions and managed to get away with it mostly causing Axis to divert a lot of effort trying to deal with several incursions.
Did not manage to complete the game but Africa was cleared and Neutrals converted to Allied cause by Casablanca conference just as it ended.
Interesting watching from sidelines for a change as you tend to see overall picture a bit clearer than when involved directly.

But I really need to get a figure game as suffering lead withdrawal !

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