Saturday, April 19, 2014

FOGR One shall be the number, neither shall it be two and three or more is right out !

Game of FOG Renaissance at Stephens last night using Early TYW Catholic against a Later Swedish TYW as practice for Celtic Cup at end of May here in Belfast.
What a game it turned out to be !!
I lost 17 bases to shooting with 13 of these losses to Death rolls of 1 (and at least 11 being single hits ie any other bloody number but a 1 would allow survival of troops !!).
Thankfully my Morale rolls were decent (couple of times I rolled double 6 for Morale with accompanying 1 for Death Roll) or the game would have been over even sooner than it was.
Stephen by contrast lost a mere 2 bases to my shooting (some sort of early force field ?).
I did Fragment a couple of his units but a mere spit into the oncoming hurricane wind as he broke 3 of mine Fragmented 2 more and reduced 3 of my 4 Later Tercios to lowly Pike and Shot units through these Death rolls.
No amount of army tweaking or tactics can defeat the dice Gods who of course hate me.
Oh how we laughed at first few rolls but then as it turned horrific I tried to crush the cubes through sheer willpower and physical manipulation (mind over matter is pure balderdash and I need to eat a few more eggs of a morning !)
Never have so many dice rolled so little so often...............well not for a while anyhow.

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