Monday, August 09, 2010

DBMM League game

Played league game against David Houston at Tabletop North Club at Boat Club premises in Belfast. Using my Avars against his Christian 'beware for they are Legion' Nubians. Good game but with my usual 'ones' (4 in a row vs BwO shooting) causing losses to my subject Bulgar iLhS. Usual 'do'h !' moment as well as I forgot that LhS now count 2nd rank vs foot in own bound..................
22-3 loss having fought against about half Daves army. He had one Cmd with an ME total equal to my Army breakpoint.

Couple of pics taken with iPhone but in fairly poor lighting

Centre showing gaps in Bulgar line after inital Bow volley......
Unused 'half' of Nubian horde visible behind Daves watch
Dave being dastardly and moving towards my lot..............

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