Friday, August 20, 2010

DBMM Teutonic Order vs HYW English

Dbmm game (just for a change) yesterday with Stephen (just for a change) using his brothers Teutonic army to give a reasonable opponnent for his Hundred Years War English (was going to be War Of Roses but he preferred the HYW). I really liked the Teutons (sort of suit my style) but those bloody Longbows are fearsome (I hate shooters in Dbmm if you havent noticed). Bad dice didnt help but they simply blew away a group of Sp/SpI. With shooting every turn its inevitable that they will have good sucess combined with their S status. Only 1 KnS fell to shooting but so much else did it made little difference. Teuton CIC managed a charge with 3 elements (2 other shot back out of charge range) which did break a line of bow but so many behind its too slow to acheive a Break of a Cmd. I dont really have any Book 4 Armies (I can morph my Norman into Early Crusader) and Teutons are definately candidates for becoming one.

English deployment compact and beju
Teutonic array 
Deadly Gattling Guns (or Longbows if you prefer)
Overview of set-up from behind English (note Sea edge on right)
Later in game with Teutonic spears bravely (ie stupidly) advancing and KnS forming to charge near centre lead buy CiC.
Same from behind English lines
LhO about to charge BwS..................
Again with English KnO moving to left flank.

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