Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Dbmm - Kushan versus Han Chinese

Stephen invited me over for an evening game and suggested we try Dbmm as its been a long while since we played a game of same. He chose his Han Chinese so I selected a contemporary Kushan opponent. As ever the regular ability to maneuver versus the irregular inability to maneuver was telling especially with Kushans having so many Inept troops. Han got to deploy second which did not help Kushan cause. Han massed in one half of table and mauled the Kushan left flank as their center and right tried frantically to move to support of left. Despite Kushans having rather good Pip rolls (mainly 4+ and no 1's !!!) they were just too slow and unwieldy. The left flank collapsed along with the baggage giving victory to the Chinese. Good to get some hack and slash types on table as a change from horse and musket armies.

iPhone pics only

Kushan right and center deploy

Han deploy 

Kushans realize they have only a void to their fore 

The Kushan right faced by whole Han force

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