Sunday, September 18, 2011

FOB last fling with WSS (and Men in Green)

Supposed to play a game today at Stephens but had to obtain and set-up a replacement printer instead. But did start a solo game using my 10mm Malburian stuff using Field Of Battle rules as a last hurrah for 1st edition as 2nd edition is at last on its way from USofA (but no sign as yet).

My start on AWI British figures has stalled but needed a wargame fix of some sort

iPhone pics as too lazy to go downstairs to get camera !

Of course a MAJOR bright spot at start of day was the Men in Green duffing the Aussies !!!!!


  1. Nice pics, even if it was from your phone, Ireland played damned well, nice one!

  2. great pics always good to see the Ausssies go down

  3. great pics and a nice table.