Friday, June 21, 2013

Normailty (my version) returns...........I hope

After a very loooooong week or so of Night Shifts (my first stint in 15+ years !!) due to G8 madness here in NI (and complete lack of gaming time) I have returned to normal so hope to get a bit onto blog in due course.

Blame firmly lies with this bunch of n'er do wells

Thankfully it all went off peacefully

Did manage a few Vassal turns with the Thirty Years War game heating up nicely with arrival of Mr Gustavus into northern Germany


  1. Yeah we had some folk over assisting from the PSoS... but a week of night shifts thats just plain nasty. :0)

    1. It was that or 0500-2000 !!

  2. Anonymous1:26 pm

    Welcome back Gary. I did a double take with that G8 leaders photo - they look like they're wearing sashes :-)