Tuesday, July 09, 2013

So much for normality !!

Just very little time for much gaming at present !! Have not managed a miniatures outing since start of June............boo hoo.

Only managed this week to start a solo rule learning game of the excellent Paths Of Glory

Thank goodness for Vassal which is keeping me sane (or my approximation thereof) by allowing a couple of game turns per day.

Seems also there is a difficulty posting to Blog since I 'Googleized' it, no surprise there and will have to check settings et al.

Our beloved 'Marching/Bonfire Season' about to kick into higher gear and the hot weather never a good combo with 'hot headed' types so potential for even less time on my hands :-(

Of course none of this has stopped me ordering one or two new games !

Cannot go without mention of 'Dour Scot' Andy Murray and his excellent Wimbeldon win and The British And Irish Lions win 'down under'.


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