Saturday, November 30, 2013

DBMM Avar vs Carolingian

Played a game of DBMM (first in absolute ages) against Stephen last night at my gaff.
He brought Carolingian so I fielded my Avars.
This was in preparation for Munster competition in January at which we both hope to make an appearance.
A good game although we felt that in a competition we would both be less aggressive and good chance of a boring old draw (I never 'suffer' these of course !).
Was good to get back to the inertia of PIP dicing system but after playing FOG so much lately Dbmm seemed rather fiddly with lots of single elements moves and a lot (I never really noticed this before) of micro managing moves.
Rather more 'symmetrical' look to game than the 'firework display' style of FOG.
Of course once we got to grips this is all paled into insignificance as the number of 1s that I managed to roll in majority of combats was as ever totally amazing and hard to fathom !!
Overall good fun and a nice change of system from FOG system.

Armies deployed

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