Sunday, December 15, 2013

Fantasy interlude

After failing to get together with RPG group the last few weeks due to work (and they have just started a Runequest game which I am interested to see in action) I did manage a little fantasy-fest with my son and father. Steven home from University for holiday period and arrived back with a simplistic but fun Hobbit game (sort of Talisaman-lite) and several decks of Magic The Gathering (a game I have not played in couple of decades).

Hobbit was nice short little interlude/filler game with nice components but very luck dependent and minimal strategy input by players.

Magic was however a very satisfying game (we played three 3-player games).
I used a 'black' Swamp manna deck (sort of undead based) my Dad a 'blue' Water manna based deck and Steven a couple of different decks (Green and a mixed type).
Seemed to be a fairly recent version so don't know how much if anything has changed from early version.
Has put me in mind to dig out my old Battletech card game was has similar game play with addition of some dice rolling in combat.

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