Saturday, December 21, 2013

Field Of Glory Napoleonics game

Played a game of FOGN today st Stephens using 1814 Prussians against his 1814 French.
French were attacking but got no extra units and the terrain feel rather well for me (although I had two open flanks.
I placed a Cavalry Division in Reserve status (ie off table).
French moved against my right flank with Light Horse forcing me into Square with French Infantry bearing down on them. However my Reserve Cavalry Division arrived at earliest opportunity (ie successful roll on turn 2 arriving on turn 3) and with a unit of Hussars and a large unit of Cuirassiers supported by a Horse Artillery Battery the French approach on my right turned into a tout suite Retirement away from my fresh units.
Both lines then battered each other at Medium range with French unwilling to assault my units on hills and evading the Cavalry.
We ran out of time and so as defender 'winning' draw was mine. Really enjoy FOGN although there a lot of tactics we are still learning with attachments and suchlike.

Rather poor bunch of iPhone pics (and I forgot to take image of my Cavalry)

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