Saturday, February 15, 2014

Pulse Of Battle game

Played another Pulse Of Battle game today this time a face to face game with Stephen.
I used my Romans against Carthaginians for a nice historical based match-up.
Great game again using this fun rule set.
We set up terrain using Field Of Glory but used the deployment system of POB.
I had a 15 unit army and Stephen 16 units. Units in each troop type category that were the same were all classed the same for Combat & Defence (just easier to remember when in learning mode).
All went fairly smoothly but we did discuss a few things that seemed a little odd (and came up with simple house rule fixes) such as do we allow Javelin Armed Medium or Heavy Cavalry to shoot ?
We decided no as their Javelins/Light Spears more of a Melee Weapon.
We were less sure regarding Javelin armed Auxilia types, which can be classed as Light Infantry Peltasts or Medium Infantry, we allowed Light Infantry types to shoot but not the heavier type.
Whilst not on table we had a good natter about how Sassanid type Heavy horse bows would be used.
They appear to be quite potent vs Late Roman Heavy Infantry with good Combat dice and ability to Evade, meaning Romans would essentially need a 3 Move Segment roll to get to grips with them if optimally placed.
Whilst they require re-load cards this still seemed a bit powerful.
Not fully sure how we would tweak this but likely by disallowing such Heavy Mounted Bows from evading (much like Medium Foot Bows)

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