Friday, November 14, 2014

Field Of Battle multi-player Napoleonic game planned (as compensation for missed visit to Warfare) for weekend

As none of usual suspects from my gaming circle are going to Warfare Show this year (boo hoo !!! first I have missed in several years) I decided to arrange an all day game in new Wargame room as compensation

Finally decided on game subject (after much debating with myself over period, scale, rules etc) and have set it up ready for Saturday

Went with Napoleon vs Blucher using Piquet Field Of Battle (as best for multi player in this case four players) set in late 1813.

Here is table – Prussian start on bottom edge and French on top (the blue and green markers show French and Prussian objectives respectively)
French objectives are both Villages and large hill. 
Prussians are Rough Hill and two Road Exits (top centre and left)
Objectives yield either Victory Points or Army Morale Level boost.

The French 

An Old Guard Brigade, 3 Young Guard Brigades, an Old Guard Cavalry Brigade and a Line Cavalry Brigade
Skilled General and Deck but below average Brigadiers
23 Units with 33 Army Morale Level (I boosted both sides by +10 to give longer game)

The Prussians

3 large mixed Brigades (with Line, Reserve, Landwehr, Jager and Landwehr Lt Cavalry), a Cuirassier Brigade, a Brigade of Dragoons and a Brigade with Hussars, Dragoons and Horse Artillery
Average General and Deck but with decent Brigadiers
31 units with Army Morale 43

Scenario special rules: 
Ground is muddy so all moves are at half rate (and I get to use my 'muddy' terrain sheet). 
The game starts with Rainy conditions, so visibility limited (12” ?) until each side turns the Special Event card in decks.
I have rolled up decks and Leaders but will probably keep units generic (ie all same type will have same stats)

Will leave the rolling for Fate (as I enjoy this aspect of rules) until game start.

We will likely just roll for who plays which side.

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