Sunday, November 23, 2014

Shifting Sands MMP played

Shifting Sands a card driven game by MMP played with my Dad last night. We played the full campaign.
Good game although it has a few wrinkles from other CDGs that we kept forgetting at times main one being that when in Limited Supply (ie most of the time) it costs 1 Op per unit to Activate for Combat but not for Movement.
We both spent OPs needlessly to move stacks for which 1 OP would have been sufficient.
This slowed my British onslaught against the hapless Italians in 1940/41 a good deal.
However we caught on later.
British could have won an auto victory by taking Tripoli but I decided to try the Torch landings which cost me the game as Germans got some lucky rolls in Tunisia and I could not get enough stuff close to Tunis to evict the 15th Panzer and supports from it.
Good fun game playable in an evening which is always a bonus.

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