Sunday, February 08, 2015

Birthday Battlegroup Overlord games

Played two games of Battle Group Overlord on my Dads birthday with my son Steven as his opponent and me performing umpire duties.
Used a scenario entitled St Sylvain from the Kampfgruppe Normandy set (pre-cursor to Battlegroup series).
First game was played as per the scenario ie down table length and second used same table and forces but played across table width.
Only change I made to rules was to ignore the ammo limit rules for ordinance (mainly as I could not be bothered with bookkeeping !) this made for a fast and furious couple of games as Tanks hunted each other relentlessly.
I get the game idea behind the ammo limits but seem rather low and fiddly for a tactical level game and prefer the Panzer Grenadier system of Low Ammo being a random event (ie snake eye rolls) so used same in Battlegroup with any unit pulling a Low Ammo chit taking a -1 for shooting (as it turned out no such chits pulled).
My Dad won the first game as Steven realized that charging with Shermans is not a workable tactic especially when his Achilles failed to brew the single Tiger (2 x 2D6 rolls needing 7+ failed !!) which then went on to almost single-handedly destroy the British Armour force (6 Shermans 3 Fireflies and an Achilles) even getting help from a Bf109 with bombs ! meanwhile the British FAC failed to get any RAF flights on call.
Second game was a more cagey affair with the Germans this time suffering (my Dad lost the Tiger early on and 3 Stugs and 2 PzIV soon followed).
Second game saw a lot more Infantry action than first with a nasty town battle costing both sides but with Germans reaching their break level quickest.
Both sides got fighter bomber support in this one.

Fun games with an easily taught and playable set of rules that I have not used for awhile.

 The birthday boy.................

The Barr men (my brother joined us later) Warren, Douglas, Steven and yours truly

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