Monday, February 23, 2015

Small catch up

Another busy period has meant little time for gaming or blogging but did manage a couple of games of Lock N Load system at my Dad's past couple of Sundays.
Scenarios were from 'Heroes Of The Blitzkrieg' and 'In Defeat Defiance' modules.
Cannot remember details of scenarios other than both set in 1940 with one pitting British against Germans trying to cross a canal (The Canal ?) and the other a French versus German affair with a few tanks on each side (Steel vs Steel ?).
Both very enjoyable games using this interesting tactical system and nice to be in 1940 rather than late war bashes for a change.

Oh and these arrived but no time to read properly yet !

I also received an 'Update Kit' for most excellent 'The Hunters' from GMT Games but not even opened yet !!

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