Friday, September 18, 2015

L'Art De La Guerre solo set up

Set up a solo game with LADG to try my Romans against Gallic horde as interested to see how 'Hairy Barbarian' types fare (they are Impetuous Impact types but with Furious charge) along with Chariots.
I found the 'Warband' foot armies very hard to use in Dbmm against Regulars and in FOG they have no real feeling of being in anyway Furious and generally outclassed by Romans.

Note that this 300 point game uses a 150cm x 100cm table size which is tad smaller than standard 180cm x 120cm (6' x 4') of Dbmm/FOG.
LADG standard games are 200pts on 120cm x 80cm with larger 400pt games using the usual 180cm x 120cm.

As with most Ancients sets half the fun is poring over the lists !!

Oh and just to show the rules and game addiction continues unabated here are some recent acquisitions, which sounds better than purchases to certain other interested parties !

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