Sunday, September 13, 2015

Snappy Nappy - a happy game (pic heavy)

Tried out Snappy Nappy rules tonight with the Le Duc De Gobin at chez Steiner.
BIG game with some 8 Corps each as I really wanted to test the snappy claim for rules.
And they did indeed do actually as advertised.
A fast flowing simple, but not simplistic, game bit with lots of flavour and excitement.
Mechanisms are very easy to pick up and all very plausible stuff.
Of course at this Grand Tactical scale there are a lot of abstractions with no Skirmish screens depicted and similar lower level aspects of Napoleonic warfare.
But they do give a feel for maneuvering Corps of troops and have epic scope.
The rules are not that tightly written but nothing occurred that we could not agree a 'fix' for.
For example no rules for overhead shooting from hills but easy to make a house rule.
Guard and Elite troops are awesome and Conscripts and Militia essentially cannon fodder with Seasoned and Veteran troops average.
A hugely enjoyable game for which I used Scharnhorst system from Blucher to set up terrain and the basic points system in the rules to 'balance' forces (although French have some inherent 'free' advantages - such as greater Command range and more Flexible order interpretation)

Game itself saw my Cavalry heavy right wing ride over their mounted opposition.
But not until a flank charge took out the very dangerous Elite Carabiners.
This forced a Corps of Young Guard in multiple Squares
On my left I marched an Infantry Corps around behind the town managing to time their appearance on French right at same time as my Grenadier Corps was defeating their Seasoned opposition.
However this was timely indeed as my centre was being assailed by the Old Guard in potent columns which my Seasoned musketeers could barely not repel.
As the Duc called time as both his flanks were folding I had several Conscript Landwehr in dire straits as they are weak units in the system.
All in all a fun game with a nice set of rules.

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