Monday, March 28, 2016

Storm Over Normandy another outing

Had another go at this excellent little game with my Dad tonight.
We realised we had played a couple of things wrong on initial outing last week.
We had neglected to play the normal impulse phase on Turn 1 instead just doing the initial invasion stuff.
A bigger error was that we failed to realise that units could enter an enemy occupied area without having to conduct an Assault.
So in tonight's game things went much differently.
Allies still suffer early in game from jack of victory points and must push hard mid game to get to at least one German reinforcement Zone whilst minimising casualties.
This time the British firmed a better beachead and consented Caen early but they still suffered losses to 12th SS and Panzer Lehr onslaughts.
However these suffered losses themselves.
On US front Utah fell quickly and half of Omaha and the Airbourne had a better landing.
After turn 4 the US had upper hand and eventually managed to get St Lo reinforcement zone and them
pumped as many units into it on last couple of turns to gain the required 30+ VPs.
So a bit closer to history with British soaking up the pressure of better German units around Caen whilst US consolidate then push forward.
A really slick and fast play game this with plenty for both players to do. 
Burden of attack firmly on the Allies but Germans can make some key counter attacks (British Paras obliterated in our game and Sword beach contested) and can slow Allies but occupying key areas.

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