Saturday, April 02, 2016

IABSM another game

Another game of IABSM played today at Stephens.
We used the 'Canadian VC' scenario from the rulebook with me as the Veteran Cannucks against a hodge podge of Huns (but including a Tiger 1 and a Panther)
Another interesting game that once you get to the tactical stuff is very straightforward to play.
Our main stumbling block to how to play the rules remain use of Blinds vis a vie increasing size of card deck.
Never sure when optimum time to deploy from Blinds is as with only a single Blind card per side in a deck it can get lost once Platoon, Big Men and other cards appear in deck.
We both thought that the optional use of two Teabreak Cards might makes things less problematic in principle.
A lot to like in the rules especially the multi-actions per unit and the nice but easily implemented Tank Platoon Orders (which we both used today)

The Tiger and Panther proved a major thorn in Allied side today especially when they threw a 12 to Spot a Blind containing a Sherman Troop which was attempting to move to my right flank.
These two 'Big Cats' dispatched both my Fireflies in short order and then brewed a further 4 Shermans and Damaged the other 2.
I did manage to inflict damage (Engine and Gun) on the Tiger but could not knock it out especially once I lost the 17pdr Shermans.

Canadians deployed with Shermans burning already

The cause of Sherman grief

Trying to advance

More brewed Shermans on the road

More of guess what ?

German defenders supported by PzIV

Oh look even more carnage !!

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