Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Over The Hills another bash

Having enjoyed last game so much we decided to give Over The Hills another outing today.
We used French (Stephen) versus Prussian (yours truly) circa 1813/14.
We used points system to generate 250pt forces and I rolled up terrain from North Europe listing and we diced for set edge.
I had 2 large Infantry Brigades and a Light Cavalry Brigade.
French fielded 3 Infantry and 1 Cavalry Brigades.

Another excellent game and we discovered that Closed Column is a superb formation for Infantry facing Mounted as automatically adopts Square when Cavalry charges.
It also moves twice as fast as Square and can shoot when forming Square.
Only real downside is that it can suffer like Square from shooting.
Cavalry really cannot deal with fresh supported Infantry as they take a -5 whilst Infantry gain +6 making it a done deal that Mounted will suffer greatly (pretty much like in Shako).
We also discovered that Brick Villages are also massively tough to assault.
Really need to soften up such targets with Artillery to have any real chance.

Now that we have the basics sorted the game plays really fast with only a few of the Optional rule interactions requiring us to look up rule set.

Rules are most likely our go to set for Divisional (3-5 Brigades) size games as they have nice mix of playability and period flavour.

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