Saturday, February 25, 2017

Over The Hills game played

Game of Over The Hills today at Stephens using a Borodino scenario from an old (circa 1999 good grief I feel old !) Wargames Illustrated magazine.

This pitted my French advancing against Russians defending an artillery redoubt.
A big game for Over The Hills in hindsight especially when fielding our 4 base units (could have used 2 base ala FOB) but great fun anyhow.
Over The Hills are an excellent rule set with a lot of period flavour with the multiple options for formations and indeed rules.
Not having played the rules for a while it took us a bit to reacquaint ourselves with the intricacies of the set (definitely suffers from less than user friendly layout) when including the numerous optional sections but they are so rewarding once sorted.
A more tactically nuanced set than FOB so not as fast playing but whilst similar in feel to Gen De Brigade they certainly play faster than that also excellent set.

In the game the Redoubt was proving a tough nut for French artillery to damage.
French on left were pushing into Russian defenders but their weak right wing Brigade was Shattered.
Sadly we had to call time just as the French Cavalry Division was about to appear with Russian mounted due following turn.

Stephen got to use his newly acquired 'mouse mat' style terrain mat and very nice it is too.

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