Tuesday, June 27, 2017

General D'Armee - Eisdorf scenario

Game of General D'Armee at Stephens today using Gen De Brigade scenario Eisdorf as basis (only real change was to include an extra 3 ADCs for French).
I used French against Stephens Russians.

Once again a enjoyable game with these rules despite it being a rather bloody affair for the attacking French.

Use of ADC and Orders is what makes the set as the decisions how best to use the ever fluctuating numbers of available ADCs is gripping stuff.

Shooting in general is quite decisive (ie vicious !) in the main in GDA with mid range rolls of 6-9 generally generating casualties with anything higher being rather nasty with added hit of DT (Morale) tests.

My French tried to turn the Russian left flank but a supported charge against an isolated Russian unit in a copse failed miserably (I rolled a 5 and a 1 had two re-rolls of the 1 and scored......you guessed it.......another two 1s !!) and saw 3 Battalions retreat and retire.

A single Battalion from a neighbouring Brigade then showed them how to do it ousting the Russians.

However Russian Artillery and Musket volleys blew my center apart with two Brigades losing a unit and Faltering with one then becoming Demoralised and failing to Rally therby Dispersing.

Eisdorf stayed in Russian hands.............

On Sunday I had game of a very fun little game Cosmic Encounter
at my Dads with my Son. 

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