Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Utitsa 1812 scenario using Shako II

Game against Stephen today using a Shako scenario Utitsa, Borodino 1812.
Since it is designed for Shako we decided to play using Shako II.
A very entertaining, hard fought and bloody affair it turned out to be !
French attackers must take Utitisa village and the adjacent 'Mound' within 12 turns.
Utitisa village was taken (after a rather poor showing by my Elite Grenadier Division) but best French could manage was to contest the Mound so a Draw per scenario victory conditions.
But my word the losses on both sides especially the Russian were awful !
I lost 4 of 5 Divisions and French lost several units and those remaining were battered and bruised.
My remaining Division was large (8 Foot Bttns, a Skirmisher unit and a Gun battery) and unbloodied luckily for me.

Shako generates a very quick playing and flavoursome game different to my preferred Field Of Battle but ultimately generating a similar outcome and exciting gameplay.

Russians deploy in and behind Utitsa

French deployed to attack

Russian Jager Division deployed in woodland

French right wing with Russian Army Heavy Battery on the Mound

The struggle for Utitsa

And the Mound

Jagers engaged by French left

To and fro at the village

Russian reserves shore up defence of Mound

French reserves also arrive

View of Russian right with Reserve Division heading to fill gap between woods and village

Utitsa has fallen but fresh Division heads to protect Mound

As Division on Russian right are sacrificed to hold French back

French numbers beginning to tell

Overview as Russian lines thin

Final struggle for Mound (the Guns luckily managed to drive off two Bttns)

Dearth of Russians now on their right flank !

Russian Reserve ensures Mound is secured

Just in time

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