Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Hitler's Reich an initial solo play

Just got Hitler's Reich board Wargame by GMT and managed to get a short solo session with it.
A highly abstract but flavoursome Strategic game on the European theatre of WW2 from 1941 to 1945.
No units as such just some little wooden markers to show your conquests (or lack thereof) and various actions, special rules and so on, on a smallish but mounted map.
Various cards are heart of system along with Actions (acheiving these successfully and generating using various Bonus Actions is key) and opposed dice rolls.
Conflict cards are essentially playing card values (but given various military ranks here) to which are added 3-5 d6 dice with simply highest total wins.
Of course not that simple as numerous Event cards can be 'bought' which can effect things through extra dice, dice re-rolls and numerous special effects (some of the higher ranking Conflict cards have re-roll abilities).
All the usual WW2 events/stuff are covered such as Enigma, Tiger tanks, Patton, Guderian, Convoys Barbarossa, D-Day etc generating the flavour of the period in abstract fashion.
The game is quick play (in fact marketed as WW2 in 1-2 hours) and would appear to do just that once one would learn basic systems.
The rules are a bit opaque in certain areas but playing through a few turns soon straightens things out.
Comes with a solo 'Bot' but I used the simpler Fog of War solo version.
Hope to get a head to head with this soon.

Game on the table with Germans punching through to Moscow

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