Saturday, December 22, 2018

L'Art De La Guerre - two games played

Couple of 200pts games of LADG played today as practice for Stephens trip to Cork in January.
Competition is for 1066AD (?) onward which restricts me in opponents I could field but I went with Feudal French 1072-1149AD which is a mix of Elite Knights with Heavy Spearmen some Medium Swordsmen and Bowmen.

In first game Stephen tried a Mongol army so lots of shooting as my chaps tried to close with them and lots of evading.
I took numerous hits and some losses from his shooting but once we got to close combat things looked up as I inflicted losses but sadly just not quickly enough as my army broke but Mongols were close to collapse themselves.

Second game Stephen used Normans in Sicily so a fairly contemporary match up.
A more straight at each other situation this one but his two Gascon Light Cavalry proved their worth as they skipped around behind my lines with one looting my camp and breaking my army.
A very quick game this one !

Fun system and nice to get a couple of games in.
For anyone going to Cork no idea what army Stephen will field as he is trying or has tried several !

Compact Mongols facing French knights

French face their Norman neighbours


  1. It continues to amaze me how many games you can play, Garry. Good deal!

  2. Play or paint I cannie do both :-)