Monday, December 31, 2018

Ramillies re-done this time with Field Of Battle

Re-fight of Ramillies again today with Le Duc again but this time with 'the one true set' Field Of Battle.
And what a difference a much more fluent and exciting game helped of course by our familiarity with rules.
Game so much faster playing and yet with so much narrative built in as attacks ebb and flow with crushing charges along with ignominious versions !

Le Duc took the Allies today and I (should that be moi ?) the French.
Inevitable cavalry clash on my right wing (Thatcherites as I termed them) saw me gain upper hand but unable to exploit as Dutch foot shot up some Horse.
In my center (the Libtards) Duc De Villeroi was killed very early on reducing me to a D8 Command roll.
He did manage to pass around Ramillies as Le Duc drew back his Dutch foot as my mounted force threatened.
On my right (yes you guessed it the Corbynites) I was trying to advance across the river but was hampered by failing move rolls.

On both sides there was a steady drain of casualties from artillery fire and I suffered greatly on left as Corbynites rashly advanced as Le Duc had to go (ie taxi duty to perform for daughter) which saw my Morale Pool of 35 crumble.
Le Duc was surprised thinking such a fate was to befall him although he had 8 of 40 left.

Had toyed with trying couple optional rules regarding units offering each other support in Line but felt it was not worth effort as they tend to mutually support each other anyhow.
Only went with no oblique moves for Infantry and canister for guns only at point blank range (ie 1 base width or 2") also no movement for guns once deployed other than to rotate in place.
Also gave Allies a 'Special Infantry Firepower' card being an extra card that only Platoon firing Infantry could use (ie English and Dutch foot).
Only formations allowed are Line and March Column with Assault Column being restricted to attacking towns, fortifications or across bridges or similar

Marlborough was D12+1 with Superior deck whilst Villeroi was D10 (prior to death) with Average deck.
Bulk of units were C10 D6 with one or two Elite D8s and a couple of Guard units of D10

Great fun with such a super set of very slick rules and a fun way to see out the old year.

Central (Libtard) French command deployed at start

Right wing (Thatcherites) French horse

And French left wing (Corbynites) command

Early clash on right as Maison Du Roi ride down two Dutch horse units! alas they were later shot from saddles by flanking Dutch foot.

General view of initial Allied advance

Le Duc fearing his left was about to fold

Left wing later in game as French pour across stream

And move forward in center as Allies retire

Central command pushes on

Stand off on right (note Allied Infantry 'squared' to left from where they destroyed the Maison Du Roi)

Allied center

And Orkneys command of high quality English and those bloody guns

French pushing past their damaged horse

And left heads to its doom against English despite killing a unit of Elite horse


  1. FYI-In FOB2 there are no 45 degree oblique moves. You can only oblique right or left by 1 base width per move segment.

  2. Hi Dave yes I know but just disallowed them for foot (they could side step just not go forward as well) mounted alowed to do normal oblique.
    With my basing and use of base widths (40mm) a 45deg oblique works out pretty much same as side step and forward anyhow :-)

  3. Nice narrative, and your 10 mm troops look excellent!

    1. My 10mm could do with new basing as what they are on was supposed to be temporary 12 years ago ! :-)

  4. Gosh we are currently doing this in 28mm
    I would like to see us try the rule sets you have used in your re-fights