Friday, October 22, 2021

Lasalle 2 - 'Breaking the Omelette' scenario again, French vs Russians

Another game of Lasalle 2 at Stephens today playing scenario 4 which we had tried as initial outing with rules via Zoom last year (and which I recently played solo).

Stephen took French Guard attacking against my Russians (exact same as in solo game).

His army was essentially same as mine but with no Old Guard artillery and an extra unit of Guard Cavalry.

Russians massively out skirmished so Initiative was always (bar first turn) with French.

Stephen choose 'Energetic' command trait to see how that worked and I stuck with 'Steadfast' for Russians.

I placed a wood again in front of the central objective defended by the lowly Jager (essentially Conscript class) with two Infantry brigades defending the ridge and town with Hussar brigade in support.

French rushed forward their brigade of Guard Cavalry supported by Young Guard and Old Guard and this forced Russians into squares which were then prime targets for French guns and muskets.

I brought my Hussars into play forcing Old Guard into square but found the Guard Cavalry too tough to crack (the fact I failed to roll above 2 in any combat with them was not helpful).

Whilst Russians in this scenario do not care about losses as much as objectives they were soon mounting up and French deployed several 'Voltigeur' stands to further annoy the Russians.

On turn 7 (of 8) the Old Guard took the town after their heavy artillery decimated its garrison (4 disorders out of 5 hits !) and this along with 'Carnage' gave them Victory (they were poised to take central objective as well)

Of course my General fell wounded as Stephen rolled the required 1 when needed.

We both feel there are several abstractions in rules and agree its a fairly broad brush approach to the period lacking in several 'chrome' aspects but again it was a fun game that played slickly allowing us to complete the game in a single session, not always possible with other sets.

Are they the 'best' Napoleonic rules out (and wont replace FOB or GDA for me), but they are great for a game based around the set scenarios with a points based force, minimal preparation and playable in reasonable time frame with low rules overhead which is a big plus for us overall.

Russian Jager defend central objective (the cart)

Russian defenders of the ridge and town

Young Guard brigades advancing with Guard cavalry (Old Guard to the right)

Young Guard brigade pushes through woods (this proved fruitless in the end)

Those damn 'Voltigeurs' being deployed to annoy and harass

Young Guard on French right redeploying from woods

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