Thursday, May 12, 2022

L'Art De La Guerre - Knights of St John vs Hundred Years War English

LADG game today to give Stephen further practice with his HYW English army for competition in June.

I used Knights of St John army again with a few tweaks (including a pretty useless Heavy Artillery piece) as I really like the list and the ability of the mounted troops to deploy as foot at game start (had not realised the Hv Cav cavalry can also dismount as Armoured Spear) is quite nice ability especially against HYW English.

We had a fun and fast moving game that saw plenty of action (with lucky legs of course killing 2 of my Generals in combat !!) and the English hopefully got another decent workout.

A very annoying marsh broke up my deployment and all my selected terrain landed in English half of table.

The English foot classed as Medium Swordsmen with Longbow are very good troop type.  

Next practice for Stephen I hope to try Hussite to give him a look at massed war wagons in case these are an opponent and worthwhile learning the associated rules for a troop type we seldom use.


  1. Excellent looking bash, SIr!

    1. Ta, mind you 6 vs 1 in these rules is nearly as bad 10 vs 1 in your favourite ACW rules :-)

  2. Nice looking bit of heraldry going on there.

    1. Anonymous9:16 pm

      Stephens HYW English army has appropriate flags etc and looks very nice. We used a miss mash of available figures for the Order of St John force including some Teutons:-)