Monday, June 20, 2022

Quick catch up

Quick post re some solo wargame action past couple of days.

Planning a game of FOB3 this coming Saturday at Ulster Wargames Society, based on a GDB scenario 'Action at Eisdorf, so set up table so as I know what terrain to bring with me.

Last Saturday being 18th June I had to have a little Waterloo action so had a solo outing for 'Waterloo Quelle Affaire' a quick playing but fun game on the battle, French failed to defeat Wellington before Blucher turned up and crushed French.

Also currently running through a couple of solo games with Commands and Colors Ancients which I have not used in a long time and finding really fun even on ownsome.


  1. Is that one of the Truceless War scenarios?

  2. Anonymous12:39 am

    Scenario entitled Cisa 214BC and was insert from a C3i magazine

  3. Lots of good stuff there, but I especially look forward to the FGob3 game!