Thursday, January 19, 2023

L'Art De La Guerre - another 2 games (and a board wargame session)

Played LADG today with Stephen giving him another 2 practice games for up his up coming competition in darkest Cork.

He has finally submitted his list and choose Late Imperial Roman and today I decided to try a couple of pike based armies to give him something new to deal with.

I of course have no such armies so borrowed requisite figures from his vast collection.

First game I used Graeco-Bactrian with a mix of pike, cataphracts, impact 'Companion' types and couple of elephants.

This was a fairly close game despite terrain really cramping my deployment (could have been worse had I not managed to re-locate a large marsh somewhat).

Found pike a useful type but the elephants failed miserably and cataphracts had no targets as Romans availing of brush and my cavalry were overwhelmed on my right.

Second game I used Ptolemaic with 8 pikes including 2 elite with Generals backed up by same Impact cavalry with some medium foot (Thracians with 2HCW and spearmen).

Terrain was more open but not really an issue for mainly HI foot armies.

A mighty clash of pike and legionaries in center and 2 mounted wings clashing on my left.

But (and thankfully its been awhile) I had a horrendous turn of dice rolls which saw me lose 3 units outright ! and my pikes take several hits all along the line. Game was essentially over (as flank of phalanx exposed) but I fought on with the Pikes inflicting some hits on Romans but the accumulation of losses and hits saw army fold.

Enjoyed the pike armies and tempted to form one but likely folly as painting them will be my undoing (its been 3 years since I lifted a brush !!!!). 

Couple of shots of the massed Pikes as they did look the part

And in that vein I had actually prepared myself just yesterday to paint up some Napoleonic figures but ended up going 'sod it' and playing a solo scenario 'Hedgerow Hell' of Combat Commander.


  1. Impressive looking games with formidable pike blocks.

    1. The Pikes do look the part, tempting.............