Thursday, January 26, 2023

L'Art De La Guerre - guess how many more games played ?

Final practice session for Stephen today before competition this weekend with another 2 games of LADG.

He of course used his Late Romans and I fielded Triumvirate Roman (ie Marian morphed from my Polybian Romans) with Armenian ally (ie Cataphracts) and then Galatians with some Greek subject troops.

Rather fictitious army match ups (not my favourite) but still fun games.

Marian were interesting to use (2 Brilliant Generals) but as always the cataphracts under-performed even when I had a 3:1 and 2:1 factor matchups with only their heavy armour saving them from taking hits themselves.

This one came down to my right wing disappearing before I could do sufficient damage elsewhere.

Galatians were out maneuvered which is not unexpected with warband and lost as supporting wings folded. 

If he does not win competition (or at least do well) it will not be down to lack of practice.