Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Field Of Battle 3 - Froeschwiller 6th August 1870


Another game using FOB3 today at Stephens this time a Franco-Prussian War bash using his 10mm forces (been a very long time since we used these).

Scenario was based on action in the central sector of Battle of Froeschwiller (Worth) in 1870 with Prussians (moi) attacking defending French (Stephen).

Prussians had a D12 CinC with an Average Deck the French had a D8 leader and a Poor Deck.

Another fun game with the French Chassepot rifle showing its prowess (especially in hands of several crack French units) with greater range than Needle guns of Prussians and backed up by the Mitrailleuse batteries.

Prussians could avail of Company Columns but with reduced firepower.

Prussian artillery out ranges French but is not on table at start (arriving on 2nd Move card) so had minimal effect on proceedings. 

Both sides have a Rapid Fire card in deck usable for Prussian guns and for French musketry and Mitrailleuse 'reloads' respectively.

Prussians on my left and centre could not close to firing or indeed charging range due to French fire but several Prussians did engage on my left but were rebuffed by superior French troops.

A Brigade of Bavarians on extreme left were most successful managing to get to grips with several average French units and pushing them back from wood edge but with several casualties suffered.

The French firepower reduced Prussian Army Morale pretty quickly and Prussians succumbed on first Army Morale test.

First time we have used FOB for the period and they worked well as usual and giving decent feel for period nicely showing the differences in weaponry, they felt on a par with 'They Died For Glory' our previous go to set back in the day.

Prussian Brigade advances on right on Company Columns

Central Prussian Brigades advance with Bavarians 

Quiet before the storm of fire from French lines 

Casualties mounting as cavalry reserve arrives (fairly ineffectual in period)

Prussian artillery Brigade deploys with heavy guns engaging at long range, Prussian foot suffering

Prussian right wing attack stalled by long range French firepower


  1. Interesting game, to see what you do next.

    1. Well the plan is to try out new Glory is Fleeting set next week but who knows ? :-)