Thursday, July 04, 2024

Field Of Battle 3 - Zorndorf: The Afternoon Attack again

Minis game with Stephen today and I decided to replay the Zorndorf scenario I had soloed last week this time on slightly larger table with larger units (4 bases vis 3 bases), with he commanding the Prussians and I the Russkies.

Pretty much a repeat of my solo game (its a fairly straight forward scenario) with Russian Cavalry wing being rolled over by superior quality Prussians.

However this time the Russians did at least get the first charge in but failed to win the combats.

Stephen pushed his infantry through the woods on his left led by his Grenadiers and my right wing was pushed back.

Centrally the opposing foot brigades exchanged musketry with the Russians taking lots of hits and fall backs (my D8 defence rolls were continually poor) for very little hurt on Fredericks lot.

One critical turn saw Russians fail to rally hits or disorders despite having 2 Leadership cards and this was then followed by the Prussians absolutely devastating Russian lines with crippling fire and potent charges, resulting in my Army Morale being expended and passing a ton to Prussians.

Inevitably an Army Morale Card appeared and Russians quit the field.

Again FOB produced a fast playing and fun game and so nice to complete a decent sized game in under 4 hours playing time even allowing us extra time our usual waffle (this time including football, wargame stuff, and the dreaded politics !!) with no rules headaches.       

Russian brigade of six battalions arrayed near swamp.

Prussians press against my left through woods supported by artillery

Prussians begin to advance

Russian cavalry on left awaits Prussian mounted wing

Central brigades face off

Russian right begins to fold

As does their left with Russian Cuirassier either dead or routing with Hussars left to hold line

Only a lack of melee opportunities and some disorder slowed the Prussians (although one Hussar did sterling work repulsing a Cuirassier but only bright spot in a darkening deluge) 

Russian foot suffering losses from Prussian volleys

This happened all across the front whilst Russian return fire was ineffective

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  1. Hard fought but when the cavalry arm is roughly handled like that, bad things happen. Nice to see the series of battle continues to bring interesting games to the table.