Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Blackpowder & WSS

Bit hooked on WSS at present (mainly due to being too lazy to clear last game from table !) and decided to give Blackpowder rules a solo outing with them (as not cheapest rules I have ever bought and shameful to have them languish unused). Few minor tweaks for WSS and to be honest a fairly decent game. Certainly fast play and free flowing but rather generic feel overall with no real sense of gaming the period as such not without further tweaks/house rules to standard fare. I would imagine players of 'imagi-nations' could take to BP very readily. With the brutal (if played as written) Brigade morale rules (50% or more units shaken or broken = whole Brigade Broken ie removed !) things certainly are decisive and bloody. Enjoyable enough as a solo game but just not up there for me with Might & Reason or PK Field Of Battle. Pretty and inspiring pictures inside the covers to be sure. Hoping to try FOB & a couple of other rulesets in due course whilst WSS bug still biting. Unlikely to last as off to Warfare in England this weekend and no doubt new stuff will appear (Prussians 1813 a real possibility).
Only 3 sleeps to go !!!!

Imperial Horse haring off on right whilst supporting Foot lags behind (couple of turns with no moves) Prussian foot push forward in centre (not having learnt lesson of M&R game !) 2 views of same situation.

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