Saturday, November 27, 2010

DBMM Avar vs Abbassid

Played at Stephen's last night (include trek across Belfast in Arctic conditions) using my Avars versus his Abbasids as practice for League Finals for him next Sunday down in Dublin. Yet another really good game. Abbasids invaded leaving a fairly open table with 2 WH 2 GH and a BF. I flanked on his right with my small command (Gen + 4 RCvS) and Stephen set up defending both flanks with Lh which was great but the silly sod Avars went and through a 6 on turn one announcing their arrival ! this allowed his large Lh contingent on his left to release themselves. I tried to pin one foot command (mainly SpO/I and BwI) against a WH which worked after a fashion and faced of his other foot command (AxS) with my lowly Slavs (AxO). My Bulgar LhS failed singularly to dent the Sp/Bw but did kill those hateful Artillery pieces (huzzah !) but Slavs held up ok at first encounter. Predictably the Slavs were soon in difficulties against the AxS and worse the Bulgars again failed to dent the other Command. On my left my flankers charged (after a succession of 1 for Pips) and routed the Arab Allied Lh by killing their General (another huzzah !). However...............and the predictability is simply amazing............despite these gains my central force again could not inflict any damage to the enemy and I had to commit my CinC who charged a single BwI. it comes.............he failed to kill them and then with a single overlapping enemy he died ingloriously to the BwI (6 : 1). This broke his command and disheartened the Slavs. Next turn the Slavs were decimated and this broke the army. A good game and I did manage at times to out manoeuvre Stephen (which is unusual) but combats were plain awful when it mattered.

Avar deployment

Abbasid array

Bulgars head off to pin enemy

Push and shove on right

Bulgars repulsed all along the line

Avar flank march forms up to attack Arab ally

Abbasid light horse threaten Slav flank

Slavs prior to engaging enemy foot

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