Thursday, November 18, 2010

Blast from the past

Found some old photos of games from around 1985/86 on my first permanent table in first marital home. Aahh good old nostalgia it warms the cockles.................................

6mm King Tiger (old GHQ) and H&R Infantry. Bellona vacum form house & bridge

6mm Panthers (either GHQ or CinC) with metal Irregular Minis houses and Resin Farm by a Belgian firm whose name I forget (Mainly Military ?)

Various 6mm Russian vehicles back when I used 1:1 scale rules with micro-armour. Think it would have been Combined Arms by TTG ? 
Bellona hills and walls. Still using these buildings and the trees !!

Floodlit (!?) Panther & Tiger (old GHQ) with Davco T34/85 sneaking up behind

GHQ (newer) Tigers

WRG 15mm 7th Edition Ancients with my (still going strong) Avars vs Arab Imperial

Maurikian Byzantines (right) vs Arabs. Hun nobles in wedge emerging from wood, those were the days ! 

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