Saturday, November 13, 2010

Might & Reason 10mm WSS again

Played a 'proper' game today against Stephen using Might & Reason and my 10mm WSS stuff. Stephen choose French I the Imperial Austrians. Yet another great game with these excellent and fun rules. French pretty static first few turns (lots of Inactive results) whilst Austrian wings (in columns) seemed jet propelled. However when it came to combats the Austrians were simply taken apart by French Cavalry ! Maison Du Roi charged into my Prussians in the Imperial centre and destroyed them and a heavy Artillery battery to a man in 2 turns ! On Austrian left French horse were compelled to charge and again managed to annihilate another unit of Austrian foot and Artillery battery. This wing them became stalemated as fairly equal forces faced each other with a river one flank and a wood on another. Loss of Prussians in centre left the French elite horse to threaten flanks of other Imperial foot who struggled to deploy whilst elite French foot and their Irish 'Wild Geese' contingents bore down on them. On Austrian right wing their Currassier brigades got into good flanking position but again came of worst in melee (story of the game for them). They then went impetuous (compulsory attack result) and rode to their doom. Similar to French horse on their right wing although the did manage to break of. Game was scheduled for 7 turns before rolling for nightfall and how the Austrians needed it but by turn 7 they had lost 12 units (4 above their break point) and so rolling for Army Morale they inevitably failed (only snakes eyes would have extended game). French lost a mere 3 units. Not a result Prince Eugene in command of Austrian anticipated and in fact he had to flee to safety behind his left wing as nearly captured by marauding French horse.

Prince Eugene was Good commander with 180pts of troops (mainly average types) Marshall Marsin was Average French commander with 210pts of troops but several were veteran or elite (Maison Du Roi horse a 8 strength points are awesome)
Brigadiers (sub-commanders) were fairly even with French have a couple of  +2 horse leaders and 4 Valiant types Austrians had couple of +1 leaders and a -2 duffer but no valiant types.

Great game throughout with very plausible sequence of events and both of us thought that despite is simplicity its not simplistic and it felt like a 'real' battle. We both really like Might & Reason and are considering doing Great Northern War in 10mm now !!!

French deployment

Austrian deployment

French left wing horse

French centre

Doomed Prussians in Imperial centre with Cavalry support

French centre advances with Maison Du Roi cavalry lingering to rear

Austrian left wing volleys French horse

Prince Eugene (on road) in danger of capture by Maison Du Roi as last Prussian unit is about to succumb !

Austrian right wing prior to folding with Currassiers in trouble on right

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