Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Might & Reason 10mm WSS part deux

Played out solo game tonight. Whizzed through another 8 turns (most only single pulse though) with night falling with neither side having acheived victory. Imperial forces had lost 4 Horse units and French only 1 but nothing decisive. Stephen hoping to attend my gaffe on Saturday so a proper head to head outing for these armies (will amend terrain a tad) using Might & Reason.
Game plays smoothly and quickly with minimum fuss which suits it grand-tactical scope.

iPhone pics yet again

Opossing Horse wings back off from each with casualties aplenty
(2 Austrian Currassier subsequently lost)

Austrian foot advance in centre

Cavalry clash on other wing with Prussian infantry moving
to support Austrian horse

More Austrian foot on left wing

Irish 'Wild Geese' advancing to the fray

French foot advance in centre after dithering about inactive for several turns

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